TE160<br />16 pc Specimen Kit

16 pc Specimen Kit

  • $299.99


16 pcs Specimen Kit

There are 16 specimen blocks in this package. Specimens are preserved and encased in clear resin material. They can be observed from every side to see details. Specimens include: Chafer Beetle (Trigonophorus rothschildi), Praying Mantis (Paratenodera sinensis Saussure), Giant Hornet Wasp (Vespa mandarina), Ant (Pheidologeton latinodus), Common Tiger Butterfly (Danaus genutia (Cramer)), Long Horned beetle (Anoplophora chinensis), Cicada (Cryptoympana atrata), Shield Bug (Eusthenes cupreus), Spider (Argiope bruennichi), Dragonfly (Brachythemis contaninata), Cricket (Teleogrylius emma), Cockroach (Periplaneta australasiae), Walking Stick (Gongy10pus adyposus brunner), Onion Fly (Delia antiqua Meigen), Silkworm Life Cycle (Bombyx mandarina moore), and Grasshopper Life Cycle (oxya chinensis). This kit comes in its own green carrying case and comes with a Detailed Information Card and an Educational Booklet detailing all of the species. Size of product is 18 1/8 x 13 1/4 x 2 3/8 in.

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